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Custom Home Theater Systems

Dedicated Home Theater rooms bring families a wealth of enjoyment from movies, to sports, gaming, and more. We approach every home theater room as a unique project, which it always is. No home theaters are identical. In fact, you really have the ability to go mild or wild, and that is where the fun comes in for us. Like building a house for a builder, our version of building a house is designing and building a custom home theatre with our clients. You have all sorts of options for your Austin media room space, from high quality HiFi Audio to 3D video, 4k video, Lighting, Automation Control, Deep Bass via in wall or stand alone subwoofers, seating and custom woodwork, and much more. Here is a list to consider when you are thinking about a project at your home:

Seating – many options – leather is the top choice
High End Audio or HiFi Speaker System – designed in wall, on wall, or in room
Subwoofer(s) – 1 or multiple – in wall subs are highly recommended. While saving space, they let out a sonic boom!
Video System – 3D is highly recommended with a High Quality Screen – cheaper screens will suffice if budget is tight
Electronics stowed away via smart wiring infrastructure – keep your components out of sight, but you are still in control! We’ll tell you more
Remote Control options – Tablet/Phone and/or High Tech. but simple remotes
Acoustic considerations – can be a big deal
The buildout – woodwork – a good carpenter and woodworker are important
Lights, camera, Lights – lighting control and nice fixtures give your room a leg up
Risers for Home Theater Chairs
Interior Decor & Other Furnishings
Wireless network – everything is going wireless – you’ll need a strong network and communication front for many reasons
And more – go further with popcorn machines, curtains, movie posters, and other thematic approaches

Give us a call today at 512-589-1747 to get your Austin Home Theater on the right track towards the goals and dreams that you have in mind, or we will work with you to craft a plan for designing a room that matches your budget and goals.