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Projector & Screen Installation Austin, TX | Conference Rooms


Austin projector installation with a high quality tab tensioned projector screen can be used in many applications, from home to commercial use. One important factor when choosing a video system is the amount of light in a room, the distance from screen to projector, and what equipment is best for the specific scenario at hand. We specialize in designing systems for commercial boardrooms and conference rooms for companies that need video presentation in their facilities. Whether it be integrating 1 or multiple rooms, we have the abilities to get your firm to its best ways of communicating and sharing information in a value engineered way. If you boardroom needs an even higher professional look, ask about lighting control, electric screens, and automated shades for the conference room windows. Your Austin meeting rooms will certainly have the look and feel of a professional corporation if that is your goal.

On the residential side, we specialize in home theater projectors and screens based on the size and shape of the room. Lighting differences are less noticeable in residential settings typically, but are still a factor. The remainder of the home theater room is also an enjoyment to work with. You can literally take your home entertainment to a new level with just a few extras. Take lighting control into your hands in your media room, dimmers do great things for getting that movie theater feeling at home. Don’t rely on a cheap receiver for your quality set of speakers either. Receivers are released with new models just about every year, and we’ll share the latest and greatest values with you in this space. Overall, on the video portion of the project, you’ll want to make sure and select a perfect fit for your room. We do this every day, and are more than happy to share our recommendations at highly competitive prices!