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Enough about Energy Management and Green Living, right?!



Your Austin home should be a castle, of sorts, and you want it to be efficient at the same time while protecting mother nature. I know that you are tired of hearing about this gadget and that gadget, and the power company is doing this, and solar panels can do this, and your buddy is doing something like getting off of the grid, but the bottom line is that you are sick of hearing about it!

There are a million and one ways to save energy in the home these days, heck there are even companies that just do energy audits and then sell solutions for home energy management. It’s a deep and vast forest of information and people out there trying to sell you all kinds of things. The truth is, automated systems help manage the data that comes in, and control some specific functions associated with the most important aspects of a homes energy management picture. Those facets are lighting, and your HVAC system. Thermostats are a new hot spot for saving energy. Thanks to these devices learning your habits, knowing when you are home and away, having the weather forecast in consideration (yep the device does this) and producing important data, we now have a specific picture of what things look like around the consumption energy by home HVAC systems.

Automated shades work for aesthetics, energy reduction, protecting furniture, and of course, the wow factor. Some of our clients only choose automated shading systems in their Home Theater room, but others choose to utilize remote shades inside the entire family room and common living areas. It is very typical for those who live in a high rise luxury residence to want shades in the common areas, at least. This way, they can have them programmed to slowly draw up and down accordingly as the brutal Central Texas sun makes its daily flight path through the sky. It certainly gives off the wow factor when you have your own automated shades drawing up just enough each minute of the day to block the appropriate rays of sunshine. A little overkill? You make the call.

Ok now, back to energy management via HVAC systems. Imagine this:  You own a second home or Lake House at an area reservoir or beach like Lake Austin, Lake Buchanan, Lake LBJ, Lake Travis, Canyon Lake, Port OConnor, Padre, Port A. etc. and you are driving down to your second home on a Saturday morning in July. You get the kiddos loaded, the bags packed, the dogs fed, and finally hit the road. Have your navigator jump on the IPAD to turn the air conditioning down to the desired temperature well before arrival so that it’s nice and cool when you arrive. That just makes sense.


Other uses for energy management:  You’ll want to lay in bed some nights and not dare step foot on the cold hardwood floor to adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature. No problem if you have you smart phone on the night stand next to you, which of course you do. Many homes also have upstairs and downstairs A/C units separate from each other. Most folks don’t want to walk upstairs to adjust the temperature at night, and you very likely don’t allow your kids to touch the thermostat more than once in a blue moon.

It’s just as great a benefit to be able to actually monitor your daily energy load with reporting features, so you can find ways to maximize use. This is another common reason people adopt our home automation systems in Austin and Central Texas for energy management.

Nest Sales & Installation Austin, TX:

We are certified nest installers and a nest reseller. We are certified to sell and install a new Nest thermostat or multiple Nest thermostats dependent on what your needs are. In 2014 The City Austin has so far offered an $85 rebate for City of Austin homeowners having Nest installed.

Other benefits include: Besides the amazing, sleek, intuitive, and great looks, Nest learns your behavior and manages your heating and cooling, it knows the weather forecast and adapts daily, you can control it remotely from your phone or tablet, it looks for ways to reduce HVAC energy use, and knows when your away from home to work optimally and save you money. Nest also gives you a green leaf symbol on the thermostat to show you that you are in the optimal energy saving temperature at that time, if that is the case.

Nest is just amazing, and we are Austin, TX providers. We will not install a Nest that you have already purchased.

However, Nest has a price protection policy, so please buy from a small business, because prices at Amazon, Best Buy, etc. will be the same as your local business like Capitol Audio Video. Thank you.