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Home Automation control from in wall panels

Control your Automation System from in wall panels, or on your tablet or phone.


Have you ever had an Home Automation System in your Austin home? It can be a mind boggling process without any guidance, but we are here to help you develop a vision for what make sense for you and your family.  This is what we do, and we do it often and well. When you think about Automating your home, what excites you the most?  Is it Home Security, Energy Management, Lighting Control, Audio/Video on command, Shades, Gates, Door Locks, and entry notifications? I know for a lot of our clients, its the Security features, and energy management features. Also, the overall ease of use for folks that want the total home control from anywhere that they can find a wireless network.  How about just the neatness of being able to monitor your cameras and thermostat and pleasure in knowing when your children get home school? We also take things to the ultimate level, like per say, do you want to warm your hot tub, but nobody is home? We’ve got it covered.

Technology truly is amazing. We are now finding that folks that love Apple products, also love the idea of automating their homes, but don’t know where to start. We help folks simplify technology in this fast moving digital age. We think that new adopters want to automate now because Smart Home’s are more affordable, and because wireless technology has advanced so much that now your Ipad or Iphone (a tool that you already use every day) serves as your home base and remote controller for everything! What about the details?….


Control Your Lights – On/Off/Dimmed – Presto!


Your home automation control is easily translated to lighting control, and that ties into home security measures. People like to set lighting scenes when they are away from their home, to detract burglars, and to make it seem as if someone is home. Imagine this: You have a random combination of lights left on while you are vacationing to make it seem like someone is at home? Make sense? I believe it does, and its a selling point for lighting automation that is a small step down from reducing energy costs. How about reducing energy? Well, set the lighting scenes that make sense. If you have the ability, why not dim lights as the evening wares on to save a few bucks? If you have a large property, those bucks start to go along way when computed out a month or two. Also popular, upon automatic garage door activation, why not set a schedule to turn on specified lights in the house as well? This can have safety benefits for your spouse who may be coming home with the kids all alone.


Tracking Your Thermostat Use for Energy Savings –


Take your custom report of how much energy you used in a certain period of time, and then set goals to reduce these things. There are numerous ways to reduce energy consumption, and it all starts with tracking. Yes, you can track right here with your system. If you take a load off and decide to lie down for the evening to catch a good read in bed and decide its a bit stuffy, you can simply grab the phone from your nightstand and make adjustments. The same goes for the lights throughout the house. More of a luxury for monitoring lights and temperature inside. What about a second home? Wireless control is a pretty big deal when driving in for the weekend in the summer. Don’t crank the A/C until you must!


Safety goes hand in hand with Family


People want safety, and we help them achieve that peace of mind by way of new technologies. Adopting a high quality camera system is important so that all of the details are visible just in case something happens. If you cannot see what happens, cameras are potentially a waste of money. View them live from your Tablet, Smart Phone or Laptop/PC. Take all of the appropriate measures when your home is in construction or remodeling to fully secure the windows, and other potential access points. What about door locks? To functionally control door locks wirelessly, you’ll need specific locks, but these are useful for many families that have children. Control from an outdoor keypad, or via your smart device from the office.


Automating your Home Theater Room!


Lets say, just press play when you walk in. Get everything setup before you get in the room. Set the lighting scene, turn on your components, select a movie from your media server or iTunes, etc. JUST PRESS PLAY!


Business needs – come in many ways

Boardrooms / Conference Rooms / Meeting Rooms – Wow your clients your facilities and make it a fun topic to break the ice! The projector screen rolls down, the window shades close and the lights set at the right level. Time to close!