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Audio and Video systems should not be a burden on their owner. Complexities are supposed to be handled by the design of the electronic components, and ultimately the selection of what brands, parts and pieces the A/V Design & Installation company ultimately recommends to the client. We have your best interest in mind. Austin Audio and Video Distribution is changing and we are now seeing the use of signal conversion from Cat5 cables to HDMI being more popular. Have you heard the term balun? Well, basically, its a device that converts video signal. Definitely a new technology, and one that is not perfect, unless you choose the correct brand of balun. Baluns allow risky long hdmi cables to be eliminated, and this in turn increases the reliability of a video signal in high definition. We install baluns in corporate offices, high-end homes, and in other venues. The balun is a device that makes video distribution much more functional, simple, and exciting.

Distributed Audio is more exciting for most folks, because people just love music so much more than they need video in every inch of their home. Music distribution can be had with many different systems. The most reliable and professional systems that we recommend are Nuvo and Sonos. Wired or wireless, there are certainly advantages to both, but having music throughout the home isn’t as burdensome as it has been in the past. Give us a call to learn more about Audio and Video distribution options before your pre wire for your new construction home, in the midst of remodeling, or if you are just looking for completion of an A/V system in your current residence.